Education achievement through sports E.A.T.S.

GSR High School Hype Sports TV Broadcast


GSR High School Hype Sports TV Show is a platform for student athletes to be interviewed by a GSR show host and professional athletes as well as an opportunity to interview professional athletes and coaches.  The television show has broadcasted on Biz TV, the TBN Network, and the GSR YouTube Channel.

GSR High School Hype Sports Talk Radio


GSR High School Hype Sports Talk Radio has national and international audiences. Show guests include but are not limited to Stuntman/Producer Tierre Turner, Keith Davis (Former NFL player), Sampson Carter (Former NBA player), Anthony Quinn (Multi-Platinum Producer), and Tito Jackson (Jackson 5). The radio show has broadcasted on the Armed Forces Network Radio and Fish Bowl Radio.

GSR High School Hype Sports Magazine


The GSR High School Hype Sports Magazine is one of the first nationwide high school sports magazines and includes up close and personal information about high school academics and athletics. provided by students. 

GSR HS hype Helping our homeless students

You see them everyday walking the city streets, or maybe you don’t see them, after all, they are part of the population that’s increasingly becoming invisible. They are not labeled, and if you didn’t know what to look for, they would look like everyday teenagers except for one thing, they are homeless high school honor students.

    We are raising money  for High School Student that are homeless and  living on the streets. We want to help as many as we can  whose parents are in jail and  who have been abandoned because there just wasn’t enough family resource. Our help will be by supplying  food, clothes, school supplies ,  what ever they need for graduation and what ever it takes  to help get into college. School is Tough Enough without having to worry about where you are going to sleep at night.   our community’s desire to help these kids. Our mission is to offer support and services to these homeless high school students so they have what they need to continue school and be successful in life. 


Make a donation or be a sponsor & be apart of something that will change a student life

 You hear a lot about high school students dropping out of school,homeless honor student has only one thing on his or her mind, and that is to better their circumstances and that requires a good education. 

GSR High School Hype would like to thank everybody that help make this event successfull


GSR High School  Would to thank  MPRE &  partner of Sony Records, The Boys & Girls Club, Power 89.1fm, Campana’s Sauce ,T Bonds Bail Bonds Bliss Nichole beauty shop, Lorain's Police And Jeff Pye  for making this a successful event 

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gsr high school hype looking out for the next generation

Equipping Students

 GSR uses sports to engage students & student athletes in an effort to equip them to excel. We go back to where it all began, high school sports.  Our  motto is Educational Achievement Through Sports (E.A.T.S)...Come get full with us.  

GSR's 5-Year Plan

GSR High School Hype 5-year plan  is designed to assist students setting goalds and tracking their progress. Click below for more information

Did You Know

We provide information on finding opportunities to fund your college career, SAT/ACT exams,  and other tools to assist students in high school and beyond. A question not asked is a direction not taken for your success.   

E.A.T.S - Eaducational Achievement Through Sports

GSR's goal is to put together a high school sports network using sports to help students & student athletes  excel above all others. Yes, ESPN & Fox Sports are here to stay but with GSR High School Hype we want to go back to where it all began, high school sports. There wouldn't have been a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James if it wasn’t for High School sports.  Our  motto is E.A.T.S (Educational Achievement Through Sports). Come get full with us.    

Military and Local Community

Send us feed back on who you recognize doing great things in your community whether it's a person, school, or event.  GSR would like to thank  FM 92.1, Scottish Rite Hospital, and FM 95.9  for spending  time with us. We cannot forget the Military for giving us the opportunity to speak to the soldiers overseas in the Middle East.

Tito Jackson, Richard Dix, Keith Davis, Willy Will,& Shawn Alexander, Sports & Education

For many years sports and academics was viewed as a way to staying healthy in the body as well as the mind, but the importance goes much further. Research shows that playing sports and academics teaches life lesson, like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, accountability, and most of all unity and team work.  

GSR High School Hype Sports Talk TV

At Lorain High School Making a difference in the lives of high school students nationwide.


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